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My practice is focused on collaborative divorce, an innovative approach challenging the conventional process of divorce that is too often litigious and destructive. This revolutionary method is being championed by professionals who have tired of the old, adversarial way that marriages typically end. In collaborative divorce, experts in law, finance and psychology form an interdisciplinary team that focuses on constructive solutions.

Imagine this scenario:

  • Both parties and their respective attorneys all meet to negotiate a settlement that addresses the whole family’s interests.

  • The parties pledge, in writing, voluntary full disclosure and agree to work toward an agreement without going to court.

  • They promise to negotiate in good faith.

  • The attorneys sign an agreement that if a settlement is not reached, they cannot represent the parties in a court proceeding.

The team is expanded with the addition of a neutral financial advisor, a child psychologist or divorce coaches, as needed. An agreement that addresses the highest priorities of both parties and their children is reached. Dignity, self-esteem and respect are maintained and the transition to a new beginning is accomplished without unnecessary rancor.

Collaborative divorce minimizes the pain and misery of a difficult life passage. In addition, since the entire process is conducted outside the court system, sensitive information is not disclosed in any public record.

Children have far too often become the collateral damage of divorce. The psychological scars that affect all family members can make moving on very difficult. Divorcing spouses will continue to be parents of their children for the rest of their lives and the collaborative divorce approach gives them the opportunity to restructure family relationships in a positive way.

In divorce proceedings I often see people at their worst, but for collaborative divorce to work, everyone must bring his or her best self to the process. That is gratifying all around and I have seen the beneficial results of collaborative divorce settlements firsthand.

If you think collaborative divorce could be an option for your family and would like to learn more, I would be available for an initial half-hour consultation, at no charge.

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